Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Sculpting Techniques and Habits = New Work

I haven't posted much on here due to changes in my workflow, and overall approach to sculpting in Zbrush. I recently had one of those light bulb over the head moments at a Zbrush user group meeting in LA. The artist's presenting were guys that I had followed for a while now, so I wasn't going to miss out considering the fact that I was only an hour and half away from LA. Watching these guys work confirmed a lot of things for me, and also set me on the right path. One of the presenters in particular, Danny Williams (pointpusher) opened my eyes to a couple of techniques and views regarding sculpting that I hadn't really thought of. Overall, it was an awesome night, I learned a lot, and I got to meet and have a late dinner with some talented artists. So, this is where I'm at currently. I've been doing speed sculpts almost everyday since the user group meeting in LA, and I'm learning something new with each sculpting session. The goal is to fully develop these sculpts and turn them into real-time game characters. There's also time-lapse videos for each of these.

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